20 junio 2015

Filtraciones Angeles Oscuros

Ya queda menos...

Os dejo las filtraciones que he ido encontrando en un rato de paseo por la red...

Msu sin objetivo asegurado pero con fuego defensivo para todos con nuestra Hp. Habrá que empezar a plantearselo.

Os dejo el resto...

DW knights got even better with ap3 maces rather than ap4? Middle finger to any other space marine player. 

Deathwing rule replaces Inner Circle, grants Fearless and Hatred (CSM). 

DW Knights maces of absolution now AP3, Smite is now basically a Smash attack: trade all attacks for one Sx2 AP2 attack, chosen per model, not limited use. 

DW Assault is a formation rule, everything Deep Strikes in on choice of turn 2, 3, or 4 - includes Ven Dreads in Pods. 

Summoned to War is a detachment rule, all units in detachment must start in Deep Strike reserve, if army has a RW Attack Squadron or Strike Force you basically choose the results of Reserve Rolls for the detachment. 

Summon the DW: Formation rule, models in the formation are basically 12" teleport homers for DW units.

Ravenwing rule allows models to reroll failed Jink saves. 

Speed of the Raven detachment rule: On first tirn (or second if units in reserves), units that turbo-boost or Flat Out count as Jinking but aren't forced to Snap Shot the following turn. 

Ravenwing grenade launcher radshell is no longer -1T but the to-wound of 6 causes two wounds. 

Sammael in Sabreclaw gets a D3+1 S4 AP2 hits sweep attack. 

Land Speeder Vengeance plasma battery is now 36". 

Dark Shroud's Icon of Old Caliban is Fear and Stealth to DA units within 6" and no prevents Overwatch when those units start the Assault phase with 6" of it.

Os dejo los poderes psíquicos

Psychic Powers:

Primaris - Mind Worm - WC1 focussed witch fire, 12" S6 AP2 Assault 1, Ignores Cover, if model takes an unsaved wound then -3 BS/WS/I/Ld for rest of game 

1 - Seed of Fear - WC1 Maledication affecting all enemy units within 9", they take Morale, Pinning, and Fear on 3d6 

2 - Righteous Repugnance - WC1 Blessing 24" grants unit Rage 

3 - Aversion - WC1 Malediction 24" unit may only fire Snap Shots 

4 - Malestrom of Misery - WC2 witchfire 24" S1 AP2 Assault 1 Blast always wounds on 4+ 

5 - Trephination - WC2 18" focussed witchfire - affected model rolls 2d6+2-Ld and takes that many wounds with no armor or cover saves 

6 - Mind Wipe - WC3 24" malediction - target unit is WS1/BS1 until end of their next turn, when they have to take a Ld test, if failed effect is permanen

11 comentarios:

  1. So inner circle is gone replaced by a rule called deathwing
    grim resolve gives stubborn and let's overwatch be shot at bs 2 (except if you jink)
    Belial same points one extra attack, he loses precision shot in a 5+ but gains the ability to reroll hits in challenges. Doesn't have deathwing assault
    Sacred banners are still in the codex though they are no longer named and all give the same effects which is rerolls to failed morale, pinning and fear tests to models within 12" and giving relentless and counter attack to all models with DA faction
    Lions blade give free transports if you take a full company and gives the units taken in the detachment the ability to fire overwatch at full bs.
    Displacement field, PFG, infravisor, bike and porta rack gone from special issue wargear
    Grav is in
    Shroud of heroes is cheaper now 2 melta bombs
    New relic the eye of the unseen gives fear and preferred enemy for the cost of 8 melta bombs

  2. Ravenwing grenade launcher rad grenades no longer reduce toughness. On a to wound roll of 6 they cause 2 wounds

  3. No Hunter No Stalker in the new Codex

  4. He leido varios comentarios acerca del Dark Talon y Nephilim. Ambos parecen ahora unas bestias pero no encuentro ninguna regla ni coste ni nada sobre ellos. Pero comentan que han mejorado sustancialmente.

  5. Neph has now Missile Lock and S7AP3 missiles

  6. Un chico esta diciendo como va el codex a traves de facebook

    Le pregunté el coste de las motos, me respondió que la imagen no es totalmente nitida pero que corresponde con 4 meta bombs, 20 puntos??!!!! increible!!!!!!

  7. Stasis Bomb S10ap2 blast with option for Vortex, bolter battery plus stasis bomb which lower s and I by 3 and forces Inititative test in case of unsaved wound. If u fail u die Emoticono smile

  8. Black sword missiles went to str 7 ap3 and got missile lock back. Rift cannon went to str10 ap2 and doubles of scatter roll gains vortex rule Talon gained strafing run, and stasis bomb makes you take an initiative test or be removed.

  9. ZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz


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