25 noviembre 2017

Astra en el Chapter

Con la nueva y esperada publicación de GW son numerosos los cambios introducidos en un codex de reciente salida como es Astra.

Desde 3++ han realizado un resumen de dichos cambios.



A deserved increase. Note you can still drop his stave to save 6 points. These cheap psykers were never good at Smite (they cast on 1D6), but will still make it in to lists as cheap sources of utility spells like Psychic barrier.


The final nail in the conscripts’ coffin. They now cost as much as vastly superior Infantry, have much lower LD, lower BS, lower WS, no sergeants, no special weapons, no heavy weapons, no wargear options and only pass orders half the time. Under 8th Edition rules, large units are uniquely vulnerable to Morale, and the commissar nerf already took the wind out of conscript’s sails.
Are we done here?


143 with its hull Heavy Bolter. Still worth taking, but it’s worth considering other options.

Primaris Psyker283810

The old version was really 40 (mandatory force stave), and the new one is really 46 (the model costs 10 more, but the stave costs 4 less)


9pts with their rifle.


Increased by 10, BUT note taking two autocannons dropped by 6. The real increase was only 4pts.

Taurox Prime658015

A 15pt increase, but the popular Gatling Cannon also increased by 2 so most players will feel it as a 17pt increase.


A 10pt increase in a tank that was always decent, but already struggling to justify inclusion against both cheaper units like Mortar Squads and more expensive ones like Punishers and Taurox Primes.

Weapons / Equipment


A deserved 3pt drop. AC may make it back into some lists

Force Stave128-4

You’d never buy this on purpose, so dropping the cost makes sense now the Primaris is 10pts more.

Hotshot volley gun671

Recently decreased in price, only to now be slightly increased.

BS4+ Melta12120

No change

BS3+ Melta12175

The recent changed to cost of BS3+ Plasma reignited the Melta v Plasma debate. This probably ends it: Plasma.


You know what? I might buy one on a Guard model for the first time ever. Just for fun. In a list with Straken and/or a priest this is actually pretty efficient, assuming its T3 5+ wielder is alive to swing.

Taurox Gatling Cannon18202

A small increase for a great gun.

Tempestus Command Rod055

This took me by surprise; it is wargear that requires a MT officer to drop their gun, and the benefit is just that they issue 2 orders like the other HQ officers which cost 10 (and now effectively, 15) points less.
At 45pts this model is getting perilously close to the cost of a 5 man squad hotshot squad (50pts).
Also @GW please let this poor guy also carry a pistol! Even blind astropath get one. He’s the only model that can go into combat unarmed, and it’s bad for the men’s morale.

Vanquisher Battle Cannon2520-5

Not enough. Still a weapon you should avoid.


Armageddon Medusa10311512

Artemia Hellhound10073-27

Hello flametank! The now-superior standard hellhound just changed to 2D6 1-damage shots, so this one with its D6 (roll 2 pick the highest) 2-damage shots needed a price drop to make it competitive. What makes it competitive on price is that the Artemia Inferno Cannon is 0 points, so the unit with a heavy flamer runs at just 90, compared to a Hellhound with Inferno and HF at 110.

Avenger Strike Fighter12515025

Cyclops Demolition406020

These cute little tanks were deceptively deadly. They had it coming.

Dominius Siege Bombard450600150

Earthshaker Battery7511540

This is a hefty price bump, but the unit deserved an increase.

Earthshaker Carriage7510530


As above, it needed a price increase but players will find this steep.

Heavy Quad Launcher738512


Hydra Battery9075-15

One of a short list of Guard units that have had a decrease in cost, it’s still not a must-include

Imperial Fortress Walls400800400

Sure. Whatever. Why not. Its faction being ‘Unaligned’ might be one reason, I guess 🙂

Leman Russ Annihilator132122-10

The Leman Russ Annihilator has dropped by 10pts from 132 to 122, before weapons.
Remember that as of the October 2017 FAQ, FW tanks operate the same as Codex varieties: ‘Grinding Advance: If this model remains stationary or
moves under half speed in its Movement phase (i.e. it moves a distance in inches less than half of its current Move characteristic) it can shoot its turret weapon twice in the following Shooting phase (the turret weapon must target the same unit both times). Furthermore, hit rolls for this model’s turret weapon do not suffer the penalty for moving and shooting a Heavy weapon.’
This is a heavy-duty vehicle destroyer, coming from the factory with a twin lascannon turret and a heavy bolter (now 170pts), but often upgraded to carry a hull lascannon and pair of plasmacannons (now 212pts). Plasmacannons have taken a real hit recently (fire at a Alaitoc Lightning-fast-reaction skimmer for example and you’re overheating on a 1, 2 or 3), but even without sponsons this is a serious tank killer.

Leman Russ Conqueror11012212

The Conqueror with hull HB will now be 122+25+8=155, compared to the Codex Leman Russ with battle cannon and HB at 152. The main difference between them is the standard Leman Russ has a huge range advantage (72 vs 48″) on the main gun, while the Conqueror has a co-axial storm bolter that gives the main gun rerolls to hit provided they both target the same enemy within the 24″ range of the stormbolter.
The standard leman russ may be better on the 1st turn as player 1 (where you don’t want to roll forward and be within 24″) and the late turns (when the remaining targets are some distant back-field models), but since 40K is turning into a knife-fight, the Conqueror is better on the turns in between, and especially is better on Overwatch. If you’ve already got some very long range weapons in your list, it’s worth considering the conqueror.

Leman Russ Stygies Vanquisher165160-5

Not worth it before this change, not worth it after.

Lightning Strike Fighter9512530

All the FLYERS in this list went up in price, but none were that outstanding before the changes.

Gorgon Heavy Transporter300

Griffon Mortar Carrier70777

I own a Griffon but rarely took it; I’d anticipated a price drop rather than increase. It’s not a bad unit, but it is outclassed by units above and below it.

Manticore Battery8011030

A fair nerf.

Medusa Carriage battery8010020


A fair nerf.

Primaris Redoubt300700400

Sure… OK. 700pts. Why not. Moving on.

Rapier Laser Destroyer708010


Salamander Command Vehicle7511035

A huge increase for a poorly-armed light tank (now 135 with its mandatory HB HF). Its job is to add 1 to the BS of one unit per turn, so it was taken with superheavies or expensive russes, and helped compensate against the -1 or better to hit armies. I know some people will still take it, but it’s very hard to justify at this cost. You can buy a real tank for this sort of price.

Stygies Destroyer Tank Hunter170160-10

Stygies Thunderer Tank170160-10

Tarantula Battery102010

Unlike SM tarantulas, the Guard ones come from Heavy Support and are thus less useful at filling out a brigade. With their price before guns doubled and still lacking the ability to control their targeting, they aren’t a very compelling choice.

Thunderbolt Fighter10012525


Defence Searchlight02020

The defence searchlight was already nerfed to only affect infantry. There are still fringe cases where this is worth taking (eg Militarum Tempestus 10 man squad with 4 plasma) but it’s generally simply better to buy more men.

Hellstrike Missile203010

Twin Assault Cannon35449


Command Squad770

Combat Engineers770

Grenadier Storm Squad880

Leman Russ Mars Alpha132122-10

Something worth noting about the Mars Alpha tanks is that they get +1 to saves vs Strength 4 or less. That may not come up very often vs shooting, but it can be handy vs massed close combat attacks. This would be the tank to drive into combat with Ork Boyz and Nid swarms -it’s a shame it’s locked to Death Korps as a regiment.

Storm Armour and Mine Plough01010

Twin heavy Stubber088

Previously unavailable, now there are rules to match the model.

Vanquisher Battle Cannon2520-5


Command Squad770

Veteran Squad770

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